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Name: WOW
Country: Germany
Link: WOW
Signal: High

WOW Live Streaming Schedule

18:00 Club Friendly Erzgebirge Aue - Dortmund Jul 17 2024
Jul 17 Club Friendly
18:00 Erzgebirge Aue - Dortmund

About WOW

Sky Germany is a German media group that operates a pay-tv service in that country since 1990. It is a subsidiary of US-American Comcast Corporation since October 2018. Sky Germany’s channels and packages are also available in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg.

Sky Germany operated a number of different services, which include the company’s satellite-tv service. Subscribers to it get access to premier live sports events, some of the newest films, general information shows, and more.

Sky Ticket is an online pay-per-view service operated by Sky Germany. It was formerly known as Sky Online, but it was later rebranded as Sky Ticket on August 16, 2016. In the past, Sky Ticket has worked with different packages offering specific content, such as an entertainment package, a sports package, and a cinema package.

These packages are also available for those who have a regular subscription to the TV service. Each subscription has been available on a monthly basis, with the option to add more months or cancel the service when that period of time has expired.

Speaking about sports, Sky Ticket has offered coverage of specific pay-per-view events, UEFA Champions League matches, Bundesliga games, DFB Cup matches, Formula One races, tennis tournaments, and handball competitions. All these sports are available via the regular sports programming offered by the pay-tv service.


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