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Name: TNT Sports Ultimate
Country: UK
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Signal: High

TNT Sports Ultimate Live Streaming Schedule

21:00 UEFA Europa Conference League Olympiacos - Fiorentina May 29 2024
May 29 UEFA Europa Conference League
21:00 Olympiacos - Fiorentina

About TNT Sports Ultimate

TNT Sports is officially the new name of BT Sport, having launched in the UK and Republic of Ireland on July 18. TNT Sports Ultimate will offer fans coverage of selected events in up to 4K picture resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) - representing colours and action in almost life-like quality - and Dolby Atmos sound.

There will be small changes on Sky, where TNT Sports 1 and TNT Sport 2 will take the channel slots previously occupied by Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2.

These are the channel numbers:

TNT Sports 1 = 408/430 (BT TV SD/HD), 410/870 (Sky SD/HD) and 527 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports 2 = 409/431 (BT TV SD/HD), 411/871 (Sky SD/HD) and 528 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports 3 = 410/432 (BT TV SD/HD), 417/874 (Sky SD/HD) and 529 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports 4 = 411/434 (BT TV SD/HD), 421/876 (Sky SD/HD) and 530 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports Box Office = 494 (BT TV SD/HD) and 490 (Sky SD/HD)

TNT Sports Box Office 2 = 495 (BT TV SD/HD) and 491 (Sky SD/HD)

TNT Sports Ultimate = 433 (BT TV 4K), 493 (Sky 4K) and 531 (Virgin Media)

TNT Sports Ultimate HDR = 465 (BT TV 4K HDR)

Eurosport 1 = 412/435 (BT TV SD/HD), 413 (Sky SD/HD) and 521 (Virgin Media)

Eurosport 2 = 413/436 (BT TV SD/HD), 414 (Sky SD/HD) and 522 (Virgin Media)

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