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Name: Silk Sport HD 1
Country: Georgia
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Signal: High

Silk Sport HD 1 Live Streaming Schedule

21:00 UEFA Champions League Real Sociedad - Paris SG Mar 05 2024
18:45 UEFA Europa League Sporting Lisbon - Atalanta Mar 06 2024
Mar 05 UEFA Champions League
21:00 Real Sociedad - Paris SG
Mar 06 UEFA Europa League
18:45 Sporting Lisbon - Atalanta

About Silk Sport HD 1

Silknet JSC is a telecommunication company in Georgia. Subsidiary of Silk Road Group.

Silknet delivers various telecom services to more than one million customers across the whole country. Silknet is the largest telecommunication company in Georgia and the entire Caucasus region. Silknet provides mobile communication (branches: Geocell and S1), cable internet (branches: SilkOptic and DSL), wireless internet, IPTV (branch Silk TV), OTT Streaming TV (Silk-TV Digital), wireless fixed telephony, cable fixed telephony (VoIP, OTT), Satellite TV service (branch: Global TV). Silknet's main local competitors are MagtiCom, New Net and Beeline.

In 2018, Silknet acquired Geocell. This was the largest acquisition of a company in Georgia.

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