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Name: Servus TV
Country: Austria
Link: Servus TV
Signal: High

Servus TV Live Streaming Schedule

21:00 UEFA Champions League Bayern Munich - Arsenal Apr 17 2024
Apr 17 UEFA Champions League
21:00 Bayern Munich - Arsenal

About Servus TV

ServusTV is an Austrian tv channel located in Salzburg. The channel was launched on September 17, 1995 as Salzburg TV, and it would be saved from bankruptcy in 2004, and its shares were acquired by Red Bull GmbH in 2007. The channel would be rebranded and relaunched in 2009 as ServusTV.

This channel was launched as a general information network, offering news shows, cultural programs, entertainment shows, sports, magazine shows, and more. The channel has also offered a dedicated program to showcase and promote all things related to the Red Bull brand around the world.

Speaking about sports, the channel has aired in the past some popular disciplines in the country such as ice hockey, bike racing, and other sports. Some of the events aired by this channel include the Austrian Ice Hockey League and the German Ice Hockey League.

Since its launch, ServusTV was made available to its users via an HD feed, although some cable TV carriers may downscale the channel to offer an SD format. ServusTV is not only available in Austria, as the network is part of the grid for cable companies in Germany and Switzerland.

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