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RTBF Auvio Direct live streaming, TV Schedule and links

Name: RTBF Auvio Direct
Country: France
Link: RTBF Auvio Direct
Signal: High

RTBF Auvio Direct Live Streaming Schedule

16:00 World Cup 2022 Croatia - Brazil Dec 09 2022
20:00 World Cup 2022 Netherlands - Argentina Dec 09 2022
16:00 World Cup 2022 Morocco - Portugal Dec 10 2022
20:00 World Cup 2022 England - France Dec 10 2022
Dec 09 World Cup 2022
16:00 Croatia - Brazil
Dec 09 World Cup 2022
20:00 Netherlands - Argentina
Dec 10 World Cup 2022
16:00 Morocco - Portugal
Dec 10 World Cup 2022
20:00 England - France

About RTBF Auvio Direct

RTBF Auvio Direct is an internet catch-up service owned and operated by the RTBF, or the Belgian Radio-Television of the French Community. It was launched in 2016 by the Belgian entity to give users access to radio and TV shows previously aired by all of RTBF’s stations and networks. Live content has also been added to the platform as time has gone by.

Over the years, RTBF Auvio has added over 3,000 hours of live content each month, some of it being exclusive to this platform. Users will need to subscribe before they can access the wide variety of topics available on the platform, which go from general information, entertainment, lifestyle, music, sports, children’s programing, and more.

Speaking about sports, RTBF Auvio Direct has focused on content related to cycling, motorsports, tennis, and football. Since all of the channels owned by RTBF are available to stream online, all broadcasting rights acquired by La Une, AB3, or other networks that broadcast sports may also be available on this platform.

RTBF Auvio Direct can be accessed via most web browsers. Moreover, an app for Android and iOS users has been developed to help users keep track of their favorite shows while on the go. Users will have to provide a username and password before enjoying all the content uploaded on the website and on the mobile apps.

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