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Name: RDS 2
Country: Canada
Link: RDS 2
Signal: High

RDS 2 Live Streaming Schedule

16:00 World Cup 2022 Ecuador - Senegal Nov 29 2022
20:00 World Cup 2022 Iran - United States Nov 29 2022
16:00 World Cup 2022 Australia - Denmark Nov 30 2022
20:00 World Cup 2022 Saudi Arabia - Mexico Nov 30 2022
Nov 29 World Cup 2022
16:00 Ecuador - Senegal
Nov 29 World Cup 2022
20:00 Iran - United States
Nov 30 World Cup 2022
16:00 Australia - Denmark
Nov 30 World Cup 2022
20:00 Saudi Arabia - Mexico

About RDS 2

Reseau des Sports is a French-language specialty channel broadcasted in Canada. It is partially owned by Bell Media and ESPN, and it specializes in live broadcasts of sporting events and sport-related shows. The network’s name translates to The Sports Network, which is the name of its English-speaking “sister” channel, TSN.

RDS 2 acts as a secondary feed to RDS. This channel was launched on October 7, 2011, and it is used to reduce overflow problems for RDS when one or more live events are being held at the same time.

Some of the notable events broadcast in this channel over the years include the 2011 MLB post-season, Major League Soccer games, past editions of the Tour de France, college basketball matches and the Rugby World Cup. Other notable events include FIFA World Cup games and CONCACAF tournaments such as the CONCACAF Champions League or CONCACAF Gold Cup.

RDS 2 might include football games, but their availability on this channel will depend on the amount of games or live events RDS has to cover at the same time.

This channel has a High Definition feed in most regions, but a standard definition feed is also available.

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