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Name: NRK1
Country: Norway
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NRK 1 is a Norwegian television channel owned and operated by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The channel was launched as a test channel on April 13, 1958, but it would be formally introduced as a regular channel on August 30, 1960. It is the oldest television channel in Norway and was the only free-to-air network in the country until 1992. The channel was known simply as NRK until 1996, when the number 1 was added to distinguish it from its sister channel, NRK 2.

Over the tears, NRK 1 has been known as a general interest channel, with news, cultural programs, TV series, movies, sports, comedy shows, and regional programs occupying most of the channel’s grid. While the general programming has been focused on what is aired on the regional channel serving Oslo, each region in the country may substitute shows to fit their own in the grid.

Speaking about sports, NRK 1 has covered a wide variety of disciplines, including football, American football, athletics, Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, and more. In fact, the channel’s first HD broadcast featured the Super Bowl XLIV in High-Definition format. Football games in this channel have been limited to domestic competitions and international games featuring the Norwegian National Football Teams.

NRK 1 saw the light as a Standard Definition channel, but a High-Definition feed was developed in the late 2000s and eventually launched on February 7, 2010. Since then, both feeds might still be available in different pay-tv carriers.

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