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Name: MTV3
Country: Finland
Link: MTV3
Signal: High

MTV3 Live Streaming Schedule

20:00 World Cup 2022 Netherlands - Argentina Dec 09 2022
Dec 09 World Cup 2022
20:00 Netherlands - Argentina

About MTV3

MTV3 is a Finnish commercial television station. It had the biggest audience share of all Finnish TV channels until Yle TV1 (from Yle) took the lead. The letters MTV stand for Mainos-TV (literally Commercial TV[2]), due to the channel carrying advertising for revenue. Number 3 was added later, when the channel was allocated the third nationwide television channel and it generally became known as "Channel Three"—Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Yle TV1 and Yle TV2 being the first two—and also to distinguish it from the later MTV Finland, which is a Finnish version of ViacomCBS's MTV channel. From 1957 until 2001, the channel's logo was a stylised owl, changed to an owl's eye after an image renewal in 2001, which was then used until 2013. MTV3 currently has about 500 employees. It is also known as Maikkari (a slang of word "Mainos-TV").

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