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Name: Movistar Laliga
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About Movistar Laliga

Movistar La Liga is a pay televisión channel owned by Telefónica and operated by Movistar +. The channel was launched on August 16, 2019 and broadcasts its content in Spanish language. The network was launched to cover most football activity taking place in the top football categories in Spain.

Since its launch, Movistar has divided coverage of La Liga and the Spanish Segunda División with other 0-to-air networks, but as far as nine La Liga games have been available in one matchday via this network. Whenever necessary, Movistar La Liga can add overflow channels to cover games taking place at the same time both on the Spanish top-flight or in the Spanish Segunda División. When it comes to Segunda División games, Movistar La Liga has aired up to nine games on a single matchday, with two more being broadcast by 0-to-air networks.

Movistar La Liga’s football coverage has been limited to air games from domestic league competitions since its parent company has destined another channel to cover games for other European tournaments.

Movistar La Liga broadcasts all of its content in UHD format, although the same feed is downscaled to reach HD users and those who keep watching television on a Standard Definition feed. The channel has been available in most of the Spanish territory and in neighboring countries such as Andorra.

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