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Name: Migu
Country: China
Link: Migu
Signal: High

Migu Live Streaming Schedule

18:30 Italian Serie A Fiorentina - Genoa Apr 15 2024
20:45 Italian Serie A Atalanta - Hellas Verona Apr 15 2024
21:00 English Premier League Chelsea - Everton Apr 15 2024
21:00 Spanish La Liga Osasuna - Valencia Apr 15 2024
Apr 15 Italian Serie A
18:30 Fiorentina - Genoa
Apr 15 Italian Serie A
20:45 Atalanta - Hellas Verona
Apr 15 English Premier League
21:00 Chelsea - Everton
Apr 15 Spanish La Liga
21:00 Osasuna - Valencia

About Migu

Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Migu Culture Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Mobile. The company was formerly China Mobile's mobile phone video base. It officially operated independently in early 2015. It is China Mobile's only operating entity in the video field. The company's current main products include Migu Video, Migu Cinema, Migu Live, etc. Among them, Migu Video has 4.6 million high-definition videos, more than 1,200 channels of audio and video live broadcasts, and it broadcasts major sports events at home and abroad 24 hours a day. As of November 2018, the number of effective monthly active users in all scenarios exceeded 120 million.

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