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Country: Latin American
Signal: High Live Streaming Schedule

16:15 Spanish La Liga Almeria - Villarreal Apr 21 2024
21:00 Spanish La Liga Real Madrid - Barcelona Apr 21 2024
21:00 Spanish La Liga Sevilla - Mallorca Apr 22 2024
Apr 21 Spanish La Liga
16:15 Almeria - Villarreal
Apr 21 Spanish La Liga
21:00 Real Madrid - Barcelona
Apr 22 Spanish La Liga
21:00 Sevilla - Mallorca


DirecTV Sports is a Latin American sports subscription television channel. It is exclusive to the satellite provider DirecTV. The channel's programs are produced by Torneos.

It issues and operates its signals from Argentina, also broadcasts for Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. As it is DirecTV's own channel, it is not offered by any other television provider and it is exclusive to this system, with the exception of Venezuela, which is offered only by the satellite subscription television provider Simple TV, at the time that DirecTV stopped broadcasting. offer your TV provider service in there. Its sister channels are DirecTV Sports 2 and DirecTV Sports +. App social links