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Name: Cytavision Sports 3
Country: Greece
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Signal: High

Cytavision Sports 3 Live Streaming Schedule

16:00 English Premier League Manchester City - Nottingham Forest Sep 23 2023
18:30 English Premier League Brentford - Everton Sep 23 2023
17:30 English Premier League Sheffield United - Newcastle United Sep 24 2023
Sep 23 English Premier League
16:00 Manchester City - Nottingham Forest
Sep 23 English Premier League
18:30 Brentford - Everton
Sep 24 English Premier League
17:30 Sheffield United - Newcastle United

About Cytavision Sports 3

CytaVision is a digital television service introduced by CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority) in 2004. The service was formerly called MiVision. It is based on a Broadband IPTV infrastructure, where digital sound and vision is carried through a telephone line to a Set-Top Box and the customer’s TV.

The service provides several thematic channels, video on demand, games on demand, access to a TV portal with useful local information, the capability to send and receive e-mails from the TV set, the use of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), all through personalized menus, enhanced with parental control access criteria. Consumers can access a catalogue of TV and Video content, which has a precise search facility. Enhanced interactive TV applications and voice over IP are two further avenues that cytavision expects to explore and implement in the future.

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